Saturday, July 9, 2011

Basic Black Hat SEO Strats To Avoid

Black Hat SEO is considered as promoting techniques to attain higher rankings on major search engines in unethical ways. Some strategies to avoid are the following:

Keyword stuffing – Avoid packing long list of keywords on a particular site, in other words, don’t overuse keywords for a particular site.

Invisible text – Don’t you ever dare to put keywords on white list just to attract viewers or search engine crawlers. You might be banned in using this strat which is also considered as spamming.

Doorway or cloaked pages – Considered as fake page, never ever use this kind of strat in order not to be penalized or banned by major search engines. This is taking viewers to other websites after clicking list of web pages on search result.

Link farming – Considered as spamming, link farming is the process of linking group of websites to every other site in a group. It is done by automated programs. Again this kind of strat is also harmful for your website.;sa=summary

Basic Risks of Using Black Hat SEO

Remember your goals why you build a website for your business. To be banned or penalized in major search engines is a big no for businessmen. Websites also has its own maintenance and one of it is by optimizing it. SEO is another way of spending some time and budget to create more income, indeed SEO is considered as the business’ investment. With this investment you have, be aware that black hat SEO is a big offense for your site.

This strategy is considered as unethical way of gaining online presence. Some sites are already banned, suspended, penalized because of this strats. Just think how your company might be affected after being banned or penalized by major search engines because of inappropriate optimization services.

So before engaging for SEO service for the website of your business, be clever enough of checking your SEO service provider not using black hat SEO strats.;sa=summary;u=22891;sa=summary;u=7219;sa=summary;u=123248;sa=summary

Basic Understanding of Search Engine Optimization

Some people might wonder how those websites who always appear as rank 1 or in page 1 in major search engine results maintain their respective rankings. One of the latest trends which are behind of building web presence is SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is considered as one of the latest trends in improving rankings of websites that’s why most search engines hate this strategy because for some times it affects search engines accurate display of result to its subscribers.

Search Engine Optimization is a process of building online visibility for a particular website via unpaid strategies such as posting backlinks on unpaid forum sites, .edu/.gov sites, high PR sites, etc. Algorithm such as the Google algorithm is the one responsible of taking considerations of those unpaid links which is the cause of making a website rank’s increase making it to be on the first page or rank 1 as much as possible.;u=16025;sa=summary;u=44695;sa=summary;area=summary;u=6503;u=8268;sa=summary

Returns in Business is in Rank 1

As much as possible, most business owners want the website of their respective businesses to be on the rank 1 on major search engine results. The core reason of this is to gain marketing presence on the web.

Nowadays, most profit organizations run a business with a corresponding website with the goals of catering accurate and fast service to their clients at the same time attracting new prospect clients by building web presence. Speaking of web presence in the business, it is more likely as having the web appearance in major search engine page results.

Having that rank 1 for a particular business simply indicates that a business has a strong market visibility in the web. Moreover, having this web presence will then results to more returns or profit for the business since it was able to hit the attitude of internet users which is the dependence for rank 1 or page 1 result in major search engines.;u=409190;sa=summary;u=4026;sa=summary;u=159118;sa=summary;u=166979;sa=summary

Understanding How SEO Targets Return on Business

Most business firms nowadays engaged to what we called Search Engine Optimization services or SEO. The main reason in engaging such service like this is to build web presence which in result, returns in terms of gain or increase of potential clients is expected.

Most business firms which own corresponding websites with their respective businesses always aim to be the number 1 in major search engine result page when their respective products or business is being searched by a particular customer. For example, if John owns a business of computer units based in Arizona, John wants that the corresponding site of his business will be displayed as number 1 in search engine result page when the potential client searched the word ‘Arizona best computer units.’ Having a number 1 rank in search engine result page is a great chance to have positive return in business since most internet users depend too much on rank 1 to rank 3 results give by major search engines.;u=100622;sa=summary;u=76778;sa=summary