Saturday, July 9, 2011

Understanding How SEO Targets Return on Business

Most business firms nowadays engaged to what we called Search Engine Optimization services or SEO. The main reason in engaging such service like this is to build web presence which in result, returns in terms of gain or increase of potential clients is expected.

Most business firms which own corresponding websites with their respective businesses always aim to be the number 1 in major search engine result page when their respective products or business is being searched by a particular customer. For example, if John owns a business of computer units based in Arizona, John wants that the corresponding site of his business will be displayed as number 1 in search engine result page when the potential client searched the word ‘Arizona best computer units.’ Having a number 1 rank in search engine result page is a great chance to have positive return in business since most internet users depend too much on rank 1 to rank 3 results give by major search engines.;u=100622;sa=summary;u=76778;sa=summary

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