Saturday, July 9, 2011

Basic Black Hat SEO Strats To Avoid

Black Hat SEO is considered as promoting techniques to attain higher rankings on major search engines in unethical ways. Some strategies to avoid are the following:

Keyword stuffing – Avoid packing long list of keywords on a particular site, in other words, don’t overuse keywords for a particular site.

Invisible text – Don’t you ever dare to put keywords on white list just to attract viewers or search engine crawlers. You might be banned in using this strat which is also considered as spamming.

Doorway or cloaked pages – Considered as fake page, never ever use this kind of strat in order not to be penalized or banned by major search engines. This is taking viewers to other websites after clicking list of web pages on search result.

Link farming – Considered as spamming, link farming is the process of linking group of websites to every other site in a group. It is done by automated programs. Again this kind of strat is also harmful for your website.;sa=summary

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  1. I appreciate your sincere emphasis on avoiding this unethical method of doing SEO- the Black Hat SEO that is now very rampant to the internet. Moreover, it's very clear that making use of this unethical strategy is an illegal approach.
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