Saturday, July 9, 2011

Basic Risks of Using Black Hat SEO

Remember your goals why you build a website for your business. To be banned or penalized in major search engines is a big no for businessmen. Websites also has its own maintenance and one of it is by optimizing it. SEO is another way of spending some time and budget to create more income, indeed SEO is considered as the business’ investment. With this investment you have, be aware that black hat SEO is a big offense for your site.

This strategy is considered as unethical way of gaining online presence. Some sites are already banned, suspended, penalized because of this strats. Just think how your company might be affected after being banned or penalized by major search engines because of inappropriate optimization services.

So before engaging for SEO service for the website of your business, be clever enough of checking your SEO service provider not using black hat SEO strats.;sa=summary;u=22891;sa=summary;u=7219;sa=summary;u=123248;sa=summary

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  1. Thanks for putting an emphasis on this unethical strategy in doing SEO. Your article is sure a campaign against this unwanted and inappropriate method to attain website popularity. Sometimes it's not a matter of how good your SEO plays for your website if you website alone is doing best and can stand on its own despite the competition.
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